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Candy Cane Mouse

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Instructions for Making Candy Cane Mouse #1,
Using a Mini Candy Cane


Materials Needed:

Pattern of mouse body and ears
Ball point pen
5 mm eyes
Jewel Glue
Felt (equal amounts of felt in two colors)
Razor (for cutting slits for ears)
Sharp scissors
Mini candy canes (3")

1. Print out this web page, including patterns and instructions. If your printer is capable of printing onto card stock, do so for the first page (the patterns should print on the first page). Cut out the parts. The printed length of the body of the mouse should be 3.5". If it doesn't turn out to be that size, you may need to adjust your page setup for your printer driver and scale the page larger or smaller; then re-print.

2. Trace the pattern onto a piece of thin cardboard or a file folder. Then cut out the parts. The pattern will last longer and be easier to then trace onto your felt.

3. Trace equal amounts of mouse bodies and ears, lightly on opposing colors of felt, like green & red, using the patterns that you prepared in step 1 or 2. (Use ball point pen to trace onto the felt.)

4. Carefully cut out each body and ear piece. Lay ears aside.

5. Take bodies and cut 2 vertical slits in the body. Then cut another slit horizontally near the rounded end.

6. Thread the ear piece thru the upper slits.

7. Using Jewel Glue, make 2 small spots of glue near the tip of the mouse body. Place an eye on each glue spot. Allow to dry at least 3 hours. (It works well to do the gluing at night & leave them to dry overnight.)

8. Pull down on the part of the ear piece that is on the underside of the mouse, to form a small loop. Place the crook part of the candy cane into the loop. Push the stem part of the cane into the slit near the rounded part of the body.

9. Additional ideas and tips:

You can use mini pompoms for noses. Thin, stiff, black string works well for a tail and whiskers. These get to be very time consuming, though, so you may wish to just leave off the nose, tail and whiskers.

The real candy canes will keep, and still taste the same, for a year - if they are kept dry & cool. They will melt in hot, humid air.


Idea submitted by Darlene Doucette and modified for the web by Jan K. France.
This mouse pattern and instructions are copyrighted ©1997-2002 by
Darlene Doucette and Jan K. France. All rights reserved.

Visit their website at

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