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No one raised Christmas cookies to an art form like
Grandma did. To her, Christmas was her one opportunity
to give back to all the people she loved – her family, friends
and co-workers. Of course we all felt exactly the opposite.
We were the fortunate ones!

Grandma started saving for and planning for Christmas on December 26th. She and Grandpa would start socking away whatever money they could spare into their Christmas Club Account at the bank. Relatives and close friends kept an eye out for tin and metal containers and stored them in a safe place until Thanksgiving. And Grandma grabbed whatever breaks she had at the University of Chicago to write or type out copies of her cookie recipes for everyone who would ask for them after sampling one of those exquisite tins.

Then in November, Grandma assembled all the containers she and
the rest of the family had collected. She washed and dried them carefully, lined each with waxed paper and labeled each tin with a name. The largest tins went to family and friends, medium sized to close co-workers and neighbors. Somehow, no matter how tight money was, everyone around her got a tin!

She'd bake for weeks. The cookies that stayed the best, like the shortbread and the cookie canes, would come first. The toffee bars and other cookies with nuts would have to wait until right before Christmas. Everyone who had a nose knew what Grandma was up to and believe me, weeks before, we'd start dreaming of our tin. I don't know how she did it, but she always knew everyone's favorites and always made sure that we had a few more of whichever cookie we liked best.

If you'd like to make your own tins or containers of cookies to give away, here are a few hints to keep the cookies fresh. First make sure that the container has an air-tight lid. Then line each one with waxed paper, to keep the metal away from the cookies. Then layer the cookies, one kind at a time, putting pieces of waxed paper in between each layer and type of cookie. This way the cookies won't end up tasting like each
other. Since you probably won't have as many tins to fill as Grandma did, fill them just a few hours before you put them in the car to take them to your friend's houses.

If you'd like the recipes for Grandma Edna's Christmas Cookies, see our special offer below!!

In fact, why not start a new tradition and give tins of cookies away every year? I know Grandma would have approved!

Excerpts from Grandma Edna's Recipes - Desserts
Copyright 2002 Team Greenwald Productions
Used with permission. All rights reserved.


Besides being one of the only mother and daughter screenwriting
teams in the entertainment industry, Janet & Laura Greenwald
have authored two books: "LifeSteps" and "Grandma Edna's
Recipes: Desserts"

Want a full copy of Grandma Edna's Recipes for 60% off? It's
chock full of Great Grandma's Cakes, Cookies and Favorite
Desserts and it's yours for ONLY $2.00!

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